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Maysville, NC

Branch teamed up with Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. to greatly improve the safety of motorists traveling between Jacksonville and New Bern, NC.

The Maysville Bypass project allows for smoother flow along the Rt. 17 corridor in eastern North Carolina by eliminating backups that often occur through the towns of Maysville and Pollocksville, as 10,000 cars travel the route each day.

The project included more than 15 miles of new roadway. Approximately 12 miles of construction made up the new bypass, a 4-lane divided roadway that connects to Rt. 17 north of Spring Hill Road in Onslow County, and then reconnects to the Rt. 17 bypass southwest of New Bern. Three miles of the existing Rt. 17 was widened to a 4-way divided highway.

The highlight of this project was the extensive bridge work involved. Twenty-five new bridge structures were constructed, including ten sets of mainline dual bridges, 5 sets of bridges over crossroads, 4 over wetlands and waterways, and one set of bridges to accommodate a wildlife crossing. In addition, there are now 4 crossroad bridges over the new alignment, and one new ramp bridge over a creek where the bypass ties into the existing New Bern bypass.

The previous roadway through the Maysville/Pollocksville vicinity was entirely two-lane with double yellow lines in the median. It’s been the site of many head-on collisions; the 4-lane divided highway design significantly alleviates the danger to motorists, and allows traffic to move safely at 60-70 miles an hour, depending on the location.

North Carolina Department of Transportation
Wyatt D. Yelverton, PE
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