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Alternative Delivery


Branch offers vast experience managing public-private partnership projects via the Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995 (PPTA), Public-Private Educational Facilities & Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA), and Public-Private Partnerships (P3). We offer expertise in identifying public sector needs and creating tailored design and construction solutions via competitively procured public-private collaborative endeavors. Our professionals are skilled in assembling “best in class” and best-value” design and construction teams to tackle large-magnitude, community-centric public projects by utilizing our design-build talents and our array of financing options/partners.


As a result of our reputation for delivering high quality, client-focused service and the trust we have earned from our clients over the years, Branch is often called upon to provide sole-source design-build services.  Our partnering approach to construction management is the cornerstone of our design-build efforts.  We take great care in assembling the most experienced and knowledgeable design teams with our professionals to create a design-build solution that is perfectly tailored to meet the unique characteristics of each project.  Our approach offers our clients a single source of accountability, open book transparency, and peace of mind in knowing that an accomplished team of design and construction professionals is working in unison to achieve all project objectives.

Progressive Design-Build

Progressive design-build (PBD) is an innovative alternative project delivery method that may offer advantages of schedule compression and cost containment compared to traditional design-build delivery. Similar to traditional design-build delivery, PDB is an integrated contracting and delivery approach that provides the Owner with design and construction services under one contract with a single source of project responsibility. Unlike a traditional design-build delivery, PDB commonly places the concept development work as a collaboration between the Owner and the contractor and engineer.

This first phase of concept programming and development is commonly called Phase One or Preliminary Preconstruction Services, and advances concept design development to 60% to 80% complete. This collaborative effort requires early engagement and cooperation between the PDB team and the Owner, resulting in risk reduction and stakeholder satisfaction. The culmination of Preliminary Preconstruction Services results in an agreed upon concept and expectations that then become the basis by which the PDB team prepares a formal commercial project delivery proposal that includes the overall contract price.

The two phases of PDB are defined as follows:

Phase 1: Develop scope, schedule, basis of design and preliminary engineering consistent with the owner’s budget and quality expectations to deliver the project. Arrive at a GMP, or lump sum price,and contract terms for delivery in Phase 2.

Phase 2: PDB and Owner agree on commercial terms including a GMP. PDB performs final design and constructs the project.


Construction Manager at Risk (CM@Risk) is a project delivery method where the owner hires a construction manager to oversee a project from design to close-out, and deliver the project with a guaranteed maximum price which is provided by the owner during the bid stage.