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George Mason University Campus Drive

Fairfax, VA

This Design-Build project allowed for much safer travel for pedestrian students and motorists who make the frequent trek between George Mason University’s East and West campuses in Fairfax, VA.

Branch constructed Campus Drive, a new vehicular roadway with pedestrian sidewalks and trails, along with many other supporting features to enhance the beauty and functionality of this 677-acre wooded campus which serves more than 6,000 students each year.

In addition to building more than a mile of new alignment roadway, a new bridge was erected to carry the busy Rt. 123 highway over the new roadway. Continual public awareness updates were crucial during the project, which was undertaken during the active school semesters. Extensive safety and detour facilities were used to separate students and other travelers from the construction zones.

Other highlights of this project included a new entrance to Campus Drive, improvements to Rt. 123 along with new lighting and landscaping. Branch’s efforts also added to the enjoyment of campus life with the construction of a new track and field facility, new tennis courts and a lighted promenade circling the athletic fields.

George Mason University
Rinker Design Associates, PC