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For 59 years, the Branch Group has provided superior service and solutions, working to enhance the communities we serve.

Our business units independently operate but often collaborate to meet the growing demands of the construction industry and offer innovative solutions to our customers. Our experience in vertical construction, design-build, site work, general contracting, heavy highways, construction management, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems puts us above the competition by offering a unique value our competitors can’t match. Our knowledge and expertise are unparalleled in our markets.

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Founded in 1963

The Branch Group has provided solutions to enhance the communities we serve.


Employee Owners

Over 900 Branch Employee Owners with exceptional benefits.


Mid Atlantic by ENR

We are #210 in the 2022 ENR Top 400 Contractors and #21 in the Mid Atlantic and #10 in Virginia.



Our employees are the heart and soul of our company. We believe in finding talented individuals and working with them to develop their professional and personal goals.


Today, in 1963, our founder Billy Branch incorporated Branch & Associates and started our company as a site development and road contractor. While we’ve changed and grown in the past 60 years, it’s clear to see that his commitment to employee ownership and quality construction services hasn’t changed.

This year, we’ll be sharing our history and the future of employee ownership. Follow us to learn about the Branch legacy.

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What did you want to be as a kid? #WICW #WICWeek ...

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One of the best aspects of our industry is that it changes day to day! #WICW #WICW ...

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March 5-11 is Women In Construction week, a national campaign to promote and appreciate women in our industry! ...

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Our employee owners are passionate about their work and projects, and it showed in our quarterly job site photography contest. Check out this amazing photo from our US-17 project! #Buildinglegacies ...

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We love to see our teams work together on a project, and with the Carilion Clinic expansion we have been able to see just that! Branch Builds, and Hopkins - Lacy, have been working diligently on this project for the past two years! We are working on the Rough-in overhead on floors 2 and 3, pouring concrete on floor 7, and fireproofing all steel structures. Phase one is almost complete with roofing starting after the Holidays, while demo of the parking structure is scheduled to begin late next Spring. ...

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Thanks to our hard working employee owners we have been able to move 656,000cy of the 10,000,000cy of dirt we plan to move over the next four years. #BuildingLegacies ...

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We are taking the term moving mountains to a whole new level. #BuildingLegacies ...

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We are proud to have hosted our inaugural Girls in Real Life (G.I.R.L.) Construction Experience this past Saturday at our headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia. With the help of our trade partners, employee owners, and volunteers, we offered 34 immersive experiences for girls ages 5 to 18 to explore construction concepts with real-life applications.

As we push towards a more inclusive industry, it is important to show that anyone can find a passion in construction. Through events like G.I.R.L, we help kids and parents experience the variety of opportunities that make up our industry. #BranchGIRL

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Did you know Construction is STEM?

Most people don’t make the connection, but during October we celebrate Careers in Construction Month and share stories, statistics, and bust myths about what it’s like to work in our industry. Follow us here and on our Instagram and TikTok pages to learn about all the opportunities and careers in construction. #CICM

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The CEO of the Branch Group, Donald. D. Graul, was once again named as one of the Virginia 500: 2022 Power List by Virginia Business magazine. Under Don’s leadership, we have strengthened our employee-owned company by investing in a new headquarters and a new fabrication facility in Roanoke, Virginia. Additionally, we have built a new equipment facilities shop in Suffolk, expanded offices in Richmond and Chesapeake, and plan to continue that expansion in Northern Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina, through the end of the year into 2023. Through a commitment to exceptional project delivery, dedication to creating strong teams, and building a more collaborative and inclusive culture between business units, Donald was able to steer the company to the largest share growth in the history of the company in 2022. ...

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Our teams utilize technology like the Trimble X7. The 3D scanner sends vision-safe lasers to measure the building or jobsite. It then converts those measurements into a 3D model known as a Point Cloud which provides the design and construction team with a real-time as-built model of the site. Doing real-time scanning helps the team identify potential problems, verify existing conditions, and provide accurate plans and drawings to the owner after construction. ...

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Quality Owners = Quality Work.
Being employee-owned is what differentiates us from our competition. Having a stake in the company means we all work together to build the best projects possible. Building your legacy helps us build ours.

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Branch to Host Golf Tournament to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

Branch to Host Golf Tournament to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

Branch is proud to host its inaugural Branch Gives Classic Golf Tournament on Monday, June 5, 2023, at the prestigious Ballyhack Golf Club. Funds raised will benefit Habitat for Humanity. The goal of the tournament is to raise awareness and financial support to help...

A Branch History

A Branch History

Branch is celebrating the 1963 founding of Branch this year. 2023 marks a turning point in our history, with a record backlog, the start of combined Branch company projects, and possibly breaking the record for the number of employee owners.How it all started Tangible...