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A proven practice meets modern technology

Assembling mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in our shop, rather than on the construction site, makes your project faster and more affordable. In addition to saving you time and money, mechanical fabrication, plumbing fabrication, and electrical fabrication also improve the overall quality and safety of your project. Since we build assemblies in a controlled environment, fabrication also allows for year-round construction in all climates.

We combine the latest Building Information Modeling Technology (BIM) with modern fabrication techniques to maximize the efficiency of your construction project. BIM enhances the collaborative process between builders, designers, and architects and allows fabrication to begin earlier and to be used far more frequently and effectively than ever before. Additional BIM fabrication software enables our sheet metal shop to size and cut ductwork in the most efficient way possible, saving even more time, money, and materials.

In short, fabricated construction means making the most of your project through better planning, preparation, and communication.

Here are some of the ways our fabrication and BIM techniques will streamline your construction project:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Safer construction site
  • Improve overall quality
  • Improve team collaboration & communication
  • More effective use of labor