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Stafford County, VA

Branch completed the reversible extension of the I-95 Express Lanes at the southern terminus in Stafford County, VA.

This $30M project was accelerated by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to help ease significant traffic gridlock issues on the busy stretch of interstate. It improved both morning and evening rush hour bottlenecks at the southern end of the express lanes in Northern VA.

Public input was supported and encouraged by Branch and its partners prior to the start of construction in July, 2016. The northbound motorists are able to enter the 95 Express Lanes sooner via a new entrance just south of the Garrisonville Road overpass. Motorists traveling southbound are able to continue on the express lanes past the Garrisonville Road overpass. This has reduced morning delays for northbound traffic, and eased evening congestion for southbound commuters. Most importantly, this extension has improved safety by reducing the number of vehicles weaving between lanes to enter or exit the express lanes.

The project was awarded to Branch through a partnership between two local VDOT districts and the 95 Express Lanes partner, Transurban. Most of the work took place in existing right-of-ways, with construction limited primarily to the medians.

Virginia Department of Transportation
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP
General Contractor