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US Route 58 Laurel Fork and Tri-County Connector

Carroll, Floyd, and Patrick Counties, VA

Branch served as the lead contractor for this project that involved widening an 8.2 mile section of Route 58 that passes through Carroll, Floyd, and Patrick Counties between Meadows of Dan and Laurel Fork. Route 58 was widened from two- to four-lanes with grassy medians in some areas. Branch completed this project under a public-private partnership agreement (PPTA) that VDOT entered into in December 2003. Under this agreement, Branch will design, build, and widen 36 miles of the Route 58 corridor between Hillsville and Stuart as funding is available. Widening this section of Route 58 required excavating approximately 1.7 million cubic meters of rock and dirt, laying 15,000 meters of drainage pipe, installing 10,000 meters of guardrail and placing 135,000 metric tons of asphalt.

Virginia Department of Transportation
HNTB Corporation