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Richmond, VA

Branch was the Prime Contractor for this $17M project completed for the Capital Region Airport Commission. Airport Road serves as the entrance to the busy Richmond International Airport. Prior to the improvements, it was the scene of many traffic accidents — most notably at the airport’s toll plaza.

The project involved approximately 1.43 miles of roadway improvements completed in three phases. The first two phases consisted of building new roadway alignment within the current alignment. Existing roads were kept open to traffic, which needed to flow uninterrupted to the terminal, parking facilities and rental car return lots. Branch crews constructed two flyover bridges with MSE walls and installed new storm drainage, utilities, signage and pavement markings.

The final phase included new alignment on the southern end of Airport Road, for which 3,000 tons of stone were needed for pavement. Crews had to contend with “surprise” underground utilities that not even the landowner knew were there. Despite a multitude of challenges and additional work requested, the project team still managed to nearly fit all the work into the original duration of the project.

Capital Region Airport Commission
The LPA Group, Inc.
Prime Contractor