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NIT Backlands

Norfolk, VA

Branch was the prime contractor for a massive and complex project at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), Virginia’s largest terminal in the Port of Virginia at Hampton Roads.

This eight-year project involved the complete reconstruction of 26 acres of NIT’s Southern Terminal container yard and 20 acres of pavement expansion at its Northern Terminal.

The highly detailed, staged construction included excavation, grading, debris management, drainage work and general site restoration. Some of the most extensive contract items included nearly one million cubic yards of excavation, more than eight million linear feet of vertical wick drains, 75,000 tons of roller compacted concrete and extensive electrical modifications.

This major port sees daily heavy truck commerce, so extensive planning and controls were required to minimize traffic disruption. Branch Civil was able to complete this project in less than half of the contract allotted time frame. Branch also performed more than twice the contracted production quantity of excavation within this period.

Virginia Port Authority
Moffatt & Nichol Engineers
General Contractor