Shared Services Manager Announced

Jason Rowberg, Shared Services ManagerWe are pleased to announce the promotion of  Jason Rowberg, who has joined the Branch Group Finance/Accounting Department as Shared Services Manager.  Jason comes to Shared Services from the role of Project Accountant at Branch.  (more…)

Branch Group Welcomes New Recruiter

Manisha Hall, Recruiter

We are pleased to announce that Manisha Hall has joined The Branch Group Human Resources Department as a Recruiter.  Manisha’s primary responsibility will include building and managing an internship program in partnership with Operating Company leadership.  (more…)

New Role for Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler, Program ManagementWith the acquisition of L.A. Lacy, we are expanding our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing operations. These efforts involve providing G.J. Hopkins and L.A. Lacy with the resources they need to expand in both existing and new markets.

Tim Wheeler, a member of Branch and Associates’ project management team with experience in both the General Construction and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing businesses, will play a key part in facilitating this growth. (more…)

Compensation Specialist Joins Branch Group

We are pleased to announce that Laura Beard has joined The Branch Group Human Resources Department as our first Compensation Specialist.  Laura’s first, and primary responsibility, will  be working with management to establish a formalized compensation philosophy and structure.  The work that Laura will do will be critical to recruitment and employee retention ensuring that we are competitive from a compensation perspective based on the role and the region where the work is being conducted. (more…)

Branch Group Welcomes New Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Shaun Hudson, New Sr. Marketing CoordinatorThe Marketing Department is pleased to welcome Shaun Hudson to the Branch family as a Senior Marketing Coordinator!

Shaun, a native of the Roanoke Valley has spent the last 13 years at The Roanoke Times. Starting out as a graphic designer within 3 short years he was promoted to the spec team where he was responsible for special projects and spec presentations for potential clients. For the past 5 years, he worked as The Roanoke Time’s digital designer (more…)