James “JP” UtzThe opportunity for on the job training can be an invaluable experience for college students who are mapping out their career paths as they near the end of their collegiate years. Summer internship programs are often the avenue through which many students gain their bearings and determine future pursuits. As a champion for Building Legacies For a Thriving Future, Branch Civil also values the experience of facilitating an internship program that is conducive of those desired opportunities.

As a recent graduate from Bridgewater College, James “JP” Utz concluded his college experience as a summer intern with BCI’s Western region. While an intern, James participated in a rotation that consisted of six weeks field experience and six weeks shadowing a project management team. During that time, James’ interests in the Heavy/Civil industry grew and further solidified his path forward. Upon completion of his internship, James applied for a Project Engineer position and was offered an opportunity to join Branch Civil’s Eastern region. James has quickly transitioned from a summer intern to an integral member of the C-35 Turnpike project team in Portsmouth, VA

by Scott Taylor, Project Manager