With the resignation of the current CEO, Will Karbach, Branch Group has appointed its Chairman of the Board Mr. Ron Oakley as interim CEO effective July 1st.  With this appointment, Mr. Oakley will assume the day to day responsibility for running the Branch Group.  The presidents of the four operating companies as well as the CFO and CHRO will report directly to Mr. Oakley.

Mr. Oakley brings with him over 45 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry.  Most recently, he was the CEO of M+W (now Exyte), a design and construction company that serves technology customers around the world, including Intel, Micron, Novartis, and Solar City.  Ron has extensive experience in vertical construction in both public and private sectors (stadiums, condominiums, higher education, performing arts centers, etc.) and has a long history in Civil projects in the U.S. and overseas.  He has served multiple DOTs across the U.S. including VDOT, having developed the I-895 bypass around Richmond, the first Public-Private Transportation Act project in the state of Virginia.  He also has experience with mechanical fabrication and installation of high purity piping systems, clean rooms as well as large piping systems in the power generation industry.

Recently retired, he has consulted with Branch and has served on the board since 2018.  While in the interim CEO position, Mr. Oakley will remain chairman of the board and will assist in the identification and selection of a permanent CEO along with the Board of directors and Executive Team.

The Branch Group, Inc. supplies corporate services and strategic leadership to its operating companies, so they can meet the growing construction demands of the surrounding communities. Rooted in a history of mutually beneficial relationships with clients and industry partners, the company continues to enhance its reputation as a respected name in the construction industry within the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.