Tim Wheeler, Program ManagementWith the acquisition of L.A. Lacy, we are expanding our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing operations. These efforts involve providing G.J. Hopkins and L.A. Lacy with the resources they need to expand in both existing and new markets.

Tim Wheeler, a member of Branch and Associates’ project management team with experience in both the General Construction and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing businesses, will play a key part in facilitating this growth. Tim’s new role in Program Management for The Branch Group focuses on broadening the client base for our MEP businesses, allowing him to devote his time, talent, and attention to meeting client needs and matching them with our unique skills and capabilities.

Our concentrated MEP efforts are developing the tools that will leverage the strength of The Branch Group, the individual strengths of G.J. Hopkins and L.A. Lacy, and the combined strengths of all three. The experience Tim brings to this new Program Management position contributes another tool to the box which we’ll use to start building in the MEP community.

We congratulate Tim as he transitions into this next phase of his career and works in a new capacity to help us keep Building Legacies for a Thriving Future.

by Will Karbach, CEO