A Corporation that Cares

Any company can abide by the basic legal and ethical obligations of good business, but strong, healthy companies invest time, thought, and resources into living and working as responsible corporate citizens.

Corporate citizenship is a dimension of business ethics that refers to a company’s economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. It recognizes the relationship among our shareholders, our communities, and the natural world: our shareholders represent part of our communities, our communities represent the context of our lives, and the natural world represents the context of our communities. The interests of one rest on the interests of the others.

For this reason, a good corporate citizen does not compromise the health of its surrounding communities and environment for the profit of its shareholders, because it realizes that, in the long-run, the health and profit of all three are inextricably linked.

Branch Gives, Corporate Charitable Giving Committee
Branch Group maintains a longstanding tradition of recognizing the economic, social, and environmental responsibilities of good corporate citizenship. We do so by four primary avenues: financial contributions, sponsorships, in-kind donations, and charitable time off. Our Corporate Charitable Giving Committee, Branch Gives, articulates each of these avenues.

If your organization is in need please complete this Contribution Request Form and include all requested information. Email completed form to:  BranchGives@nullbranchgroup.com. This better allows us to ensure that those organizations with the greatest needs and lowest administrative costs are identified and funded when possible.