The Branch Group has a long history of giving and recognizes the responsibility, as a good corporate citizen, to be active in the communities where we work.  We do so through four primary avenues:  financial contributions, sponsorship’s, in-kind donations and charitable time off.

Corporate Giving Priorities

First, our foundation of corporate citizenship is based on our ongoing financial success.  We believe that the greater our success, the more we can return to our communities.  As a result, charitable contributions will be reviewed annually.

Second, The Branch Group understands and is sensitive to the legitimate charitable interests of our various constituencies—including employees, communities, associates and customers.

Third, The Branch Group will apply initiative and creativity as well as financial support towards improving the economic, social and physical well-being of the communities in which our companies operate, and will encourage and support the efforts of our employees to make their own contribution as well.

Application Procedure

All requests should be made by completing the BranchGives Contribution Request Form with submission to include the following:

  • Annual Report for requests greater than $2,500,
  • Completed W-9, and
  • IRS letter confirming tax exempt status 501(c)(3).

BranchGives Charities

Employee Charitable Time-Off Guideline

Charitable Time-Off (CTO) is intended to encourage employees to support activities that enhance human service organizations. The Branch Group recognizes that participating in such activities enriches the lives of its employees and the communities in which we live and work. *For additional guidelines please see Corporate Charitable Giving Policy.

Charitable Time Off Employee Form

Paid Charitable Time Off (CTO) Guidelines