Core Purpose

Building legacies for a thriving future.

Core Values

Exceptionalism – committed to outstanding performance

Relationships – sustained by mutual benefit and respect

Ownership – in everything we do



Exemplary Business Relationships

Focused on:


We provide exceptional services that satisfy our clients. These services will meet or exceed their expectations and be delivered with respect and trust.

Supply Chain

We engage industry partners, subcontractors and suppliers who provide high value for our clients and support our efforts to serve our clients.


The vitality of our companies is dependent upon a vibrant community in which to do business. We will protect our environment, promote our industry, and be responsible corporate citizens.

Exceptional Performance

Driven by:


Exceptional performance requires strong, decisive, ethical leaders. Our leaders serve the employee owners, grow and develop the operating companies, and sustain our unique identity.


We will continually improve performance by creatively applying technologies, methods and systems to identify, develop and implement best practices in all aspects of our business.


We will execute our work and achieve reliable performance through relentless planning, execution, evaluation and improvement.

Employee Ownership

Committed to:


The Branch Group Employee Stock ownership Plan (ESOP) is a unique asset, providing a means for employees to become shareholders and for the systematic transfer of ownership.


The Branch Group is a long term investment and commitment by and to our employee owners. All decisions and actions are expected to support our ability to earn a healthy profit now and into the future. Profit is the enabler.


A mutual commitment between the Branch Group and its employee-owners is essential to sustaining the vitality and culture of the company. This commitment requires a valued investment of time, training, evaluation and feedback, loyalty, performance, and reward.