Our all employee Branch Group meeting was held at The Maridor in Roanoke and facilitated by Jeff Smith, CEO, Voltage Leadership Consulting.

The foundation of our meeting was based on the theories from the book, The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves by The Arbinger Institute It was a great day of learning and camaraderie with co-workers from across Virginia and North Carolina.

Our employees responded with key takeaways from the meeting…

“ It felt like a family atmosphere.”
“We have a lot of talented committed employees who take great pride and ownership in what they do”
“It was great to see the drive and motivation The Branch Group leaders have and are ready to set such wonderful goals in motion.”
“We have ambitious goals, a plan to get there, and a group of employees that are passionate about this company and executing the plan!”
“I thought Jeff Smith did an excellent job.  Having an outward mindset can really make a difference and Jeff put that into perspective.”